Job Opportunity!

The Louisville District (Louisville, KY) of the US Army Corps of Engineers has a job announcement for a land surveyor which just opened today on USAJOBS (  Note that the announcement is only open until January 17, 2019.

The job announcement is the first attachment to this email.  Working for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers “does not mean” you are joining the Army.  We are a greater than 95% civilian work force.

HOW TO APPLY: We have to hire through the USAJOBS website.  Here’s the link for the job announcement with information about the position and instructions on how to apply:

Applying on USAJOBS does not obligate applicants to any commitment.

The second and third attachments to this email contain info that shows what we offer compared to other employers.

Files from the Corps:

*KAPS does not have an affiliation with this job, we are just sharing the information 🙂