2018 KAPS JA Inspire!

KAPS Member, James Mayo, teaching a student about surveying at this year’s JA Inspire event.


KAPS was proud to continue to be a part of JA Inspire this year.  KAPS members volunteered their time to help inform younger generations about surveying and offer information about it’s viability as a career choice.


More about JA Inspire:

JA Inspire

October 23-25, 2018

Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, South Wing


JA Inspire is a coalition of educators and industry leaders, led by Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana. At the center of our work is a powerful event that will be massive, measured both in square feet and impact. Much like JA’s deep-impact JA BizTown and JA Finance Park programs, all students will participate in classroom curriculum before and after the event. The capstone experience of JA Inspire is an interactive, hands-on, career exploration for 10,600 8th-9th grade students.  The event will feature a showcase of careers at regional businesses, non-profits, government agencies and educational organizations.    Exhibits will include 100 interactive career stations with 400 mentors who will share their career advice with students and will engage students with equipment, technology and the opportunity to “step into the shoes” of employees from all industries.