Senate Bill 178 and House Bill 486

Also referred to as the “Montgomery Bill” by some. The bill was sponsored by Senator Vernie McGaha and Representative Terry Mills respectively. SB 178 was revised changed from a Constitutional Amendment to a regular bill revising KRS 73 to require Licensing of the County Surveyor. This bill has passed and on its way to Governor Beshear’s office to be signed. Thank you to all that helped with the passing of this bill. And it should be known that surveyors came together to make this happen. I personally know of countless meetings, calls and emails at the right time and very much needed to make this bill a reality. Thank you. Mr. Richard Montgomery, PE, PLS deserves a tremendous amount of credit for making this bill come to fruition. He spent countless hours in Frankfort moving this forward. I personally do not believe this bill would have been passed without Richard. Richard you have my sincerest appreciation and thanks for a job very well done!!!